/The Ripple Drop – Episode 12

The Ripple Drop – Episode 12

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Welcome to Episode 12 of The Ripple Drop, a web video series covering the latest news about Ripple’s customers, technology, products, and culture.

In this month’s episode, we’re on the ground at Ripple Regionals: MENA in Dubai.

First up, Senior Associate Amy Hirth discusses takeaways from the recent Ripple Regionals customer event in Dubai. Speakers showcased exciting payments momentum in MENA and Hirth offers a glimpse at what’s to come for Swell 2019 later this year.

Next, we get an insider look at how RippleNet is supporting innovative mobile applications for Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait. Chief Transformation Officer Salem Al Sarraf shares how RippleNet powers on-demand payments from Kuwait to the U.A.E.

In the final segment, Global Head of Infrastructure Innovation Dilip Rao discusses Ripple’s engagement with central banks and why industry engagement with regulators helps drive adoption of blockchain and digital assets both in MENA and around the world.”

We hope you enjoy this episode! Feel free to let us know if there are any topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

If you haven’t already, catch up on previous episodes here and subscribe to Ripple’s YouTube Channel, where we’ll be featuring extended cuts from this episode!

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