/If you want to rebel, switch to Bitcoin.

If you want to rebel, switch to Bitcoin.

We’ve all seen the riots in France, actually mostly over money from what I can tell. The government hammering people with huge, unfair tax, causes people out of pure desperation to take to the streets.

Electronic Warfare

The issue, in fact, is simple. The Government control the money (well the banks). However what most people don’t realise is that by simply switching to cryptocurrency and using anonymous transactions the government would lose control of the money, as would the banks.

Mine boys, Mine

Another fact that is essential to the success of cryptocurrency is mining. But most people seem to think that the way mining works is someone has a huge farm of miners, but Bitcoin‘s infrastructure doesn’t work like that. We know from experience if 20% of the worlds coin is mined by one farm, pretty shortly the government will close it down. What we need to do, is to all mine a little bit – we might not make very much (if anything) from the mining but we will enable the growth of crypto and its sustaining value.

If everyone mine’s a little bit, what are they going to do? shut dow millions of computers world wide? I think not. One way to easily mine from your PC/Mac/Linux box is to use the crypto tab browser.

These small mining operations will enable the cryptocurrency world to keep functioning. Large, unwieldy mining installations will simply be shut down by electric companies, governments, or anyone who feels threatened.

Bitcoin and crypto should not be about everyone making a quick buck, but us changing society to be fair, even and without debt or interest, the two things that have destroyed the banking system so far.