/Hyperion launches  cryptographic navigation function on Titan map application

Hyperion launches  cryptographic navigation function on Titan map application

Hyperion, a project with a mission to decentralize the map economy, today officially launched a new  cryptographic navigation feature on Titan , a blockchain-based open mapping architecture.

Hyperion launches  cryptographic navigation function on Titan map applicationThe function is now available globally for Android users. Titan navigation shares similar features with Google and Baidu Maps navigation; however, it is built based on Hyperion’s decentralized map database, which offers secure, accurate map data with the nature of privacy protection. In other words, users do not need to provide any personal information to explore hiking, cycling and driving routes.

The convenient and “free” map services we use every day are at the cost of our privacy. For instance, the precise prediction of navigation services provided by centralized databases such as Google or Baidu depend on people’s daily geographic information, and earn profits through data sales.

By contrast, the Titan map offers a safe alternative to mapping users with the following design features: It utilizes GPS functionality to provide accurate location services without user information, and protects privacies through cryptographic technology. In addition, Titan has designed the “burn-up history” button, which allows users to delete all location history.

With the development of Hyperion MapChain Ecology, every Titan user will join the decentralized service network Map3 as an edge node to contribute to the network.

The Hyperion team says Titan will keep upgrading the current navigation version, and add more services such as map styles and street view, which will integrate users with landscapes and landmarks on the map, and also enable exploring restaurants, hotels, and infrastructure in small alleys and side roads with the best routes, all while protecting privacy.