/Facebook Confirmed Building Crypto Payment System

Facebook Confirmed Building Crypto Payment System

The Wall Street Journal has all but confirmed that Facebook is building their own crypto based payment system in the article they have posted here. Its been a long long time that we have been waiting for a major company to adopt crypto for payment and this could be a huge start in a forward progress.

They currently have code named it Project Libra and the report says that Facebook is building a stable coin backed by the fiat, so similar to tether? Also reports suggest that they have been on a huge recruitment drive with dozens of financial firms and online merchants to support their own crypto eco system

If we take this as truth which judging by Facebook recent job listings I am now 100% convinced this is the case, this crypto could be absolutely huge. Facebook has 1.7 Billion users who will suddenly be opened up to paying in crypto, thats not including WhatsApp and Instagram