/Community Funding and Bringing Smart Contracts to BCH in the Weekly Update From Bitcoin.com

Community Funding and Bringing Smart Contracts to BCH in the Weekly Update From Bitcoin.com

The Bitcoin Cash community is working to raise funding for developers and a new programming language is bringing smart contract functionality to BCH. Watch these and other developments discussed in this week’s video update on Bitcoin.com’s Youtube channel.

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Bitcoin Cash Developers Talk Programmable Money in Bitcoin.com’s Weekly Video Update

This week’s show focuses on the development of Cashscript, a high-level software language allowing for unique decision-based transactions on Bitcoin Cash. Among other issues, the main creator of this tool, Rosco Kalis, discusses the similarities to Ethereum development and how it can make the BCH ecosystem more accessible to programmers.

The team also discusses how the community is working to support developers with an initial goal of raising 800 BCH by Aug. 1, 2019, with contributions being donated to Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, BCHD, and Bcash.

The weekly video update also covers the upcoming privacy-focused P2P bitcoin cash trading service Local.Bitcoin.com. More than 5,000 new users have already joined during pre-launch, with the official launch of the platform coming June 4. You can still sign up now for an account and earn 20% on all transactions completed by those who signed up with your referral link.

Additional developments in the BCH ecosystem mentioned were a free point-of-sale app which is now available for Apple’s iOS, SLP related upgrades to Electron Cash, a BCH payment wallet with cloud backup for Android devices and Crypto.com adding support for BCH. Bitcoin cash users can now spend their money with a prepaid card at over 40 million merchants connected to the Visa network around the world.

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