/Are your miners still on?

Are your miners still on?

What should we call this, black November? The great crypto crash of 2018?

This month alot and I mean alot of people including myself have lost alot of money with the market tanking as it has. It was kind of unexpected and then to wake up this morning to find BTC has dipped by another $1000 and looks like its doesnt know where its going to stop

As my miners became less and less profitable I started switching them off and selling hence why news had slowed a bit here. Now I have switched my last mining rig off and unless you are rocking free electricity I guess I would not be alone in this. Its been a bad month for anyone to do anything with crypto, the only ones taking positives are the guys who didnt invest who are smuggly asking you how crypto is going, knowing full well its on its arse

Will it recover? Honestly… who knows? Remember in the space of a year we went from $250 to $19000, I think it might be best to just watch from here on out. I’m going to buy a little BTC at these prices but honestly anyone who can tell you what is happenening is probably full of shit

If you have lost alot of money, speak to people, dont be afraid and dont keep it to yourself. There are some good groups out there that will listen. For all the others stay strong my bro’s we was always in it for the tech right? 😀