/Antminer Z Series Custom Firmware

Antminer Z Series Custom Firmware

If you were lucky enough to purchase an Antminer Z11 before they sold out then good news for you that a custom firmware has now been released by Efudd which allows you greater control over your miner. It allows the ability to overclock, control voltage and achieve a higher performance than the stock settings, all done at your own risk of course

According to the develpoer the modified firmare will take you from the stock 135KSol to 150 and if you wish to push it even further but might want to get some extra cooling 170-180 is claimed to be possible.

One huge drawback though, the customer firmware does comes with a built in 3% developer fee, personally I am never a fan of this and would rather make a donation or buy the firmware than pay a developer fee

You can check it out here